How can I implemente @auth0/cordova with ionic1?

I have been trying to follow this guide Auth0 Cordova SDK Quickstarts: Login to implement auth0 login with ionic1, but since I am not using browserify or anything to use require I can’t find a way to use auth0/cordova module, is there a way to make this code work with ionic1?

Hey there @rsanabria and welcome to Auth0’s Community!

Is there a specific reason you aren’t leveraging a bundler like browserify? On the Ionic front we have a quick start for Ionic 3 that I’ve linked below but I also found this Ionic Getting Started blog article we wrote in 2017 that may help you as well. Please let me know if this helps you on your quest. Thanks!

Thanks for your response @James.Morrison. I don’t want to add a new bundler to the app build and since it is not present from the start and we only need for this package I don’t think adding it is an option. About the blog you are sharing, it is not ionic1.

This is really frustrating for me not find a way to implement it since this should be a straightforward addon.

I wanted to reach out and let you know I doubled checked with one of our senior support engineers and confirmed that the Quickstart is a recommended path when building out an Ionic app however that’s not your only path. We support many interpretations and work flows when it comes to building an app in Ionic as long as they follow the standardize authorization procedures set by Auth0.

As always, if you run into any Auth0 specific errors I would be happy to assist in any way I can!

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