When will we be able to programmatically create API entities?

I’m very glad we can create Clients using the Management API. This really helps when trying to provision new prod/dev/staging/etc. environments, since I can spin up the Admin and Frontend clients as needed.

However, now that APIs are first-class entities, it would be great if we could create them using the Management API as well (for the same reason that we would create new clients).

Is this on the roadmap for the APIs feature? Would love some more info, if any.

You can already do this as documented here: /api/v2/resource-servers.
“APIs” is just the customer-friendly terminology we use in the Dashboard UI for what the spec calls a resource server, which explains why it’s easy to miss those endpoints entirely.

The corresponding API scope to client authorizations for client-credentials grant flows set in the Dashboard UI under the Non Interactive Clients tab are called “client grants” and can be configured through the Management API v2 as documented here: /api/v2/client-grants.