When will RateLimitApiException be available in a nuget package?

When will RateLimitApiException be made available in a new package version?

I’m trying to build a robust service around the management API that will handle rate-limiting, and I’d like to take advantage of the new exception types Damien added recently.

I see that type here in the master branch:

I think I can just pluck the rate limit info from the headers in ApiException for now, but it would be rad to be able to grab those property values directly via RateLimitApiException .

Hey there @jsauve!

Thanks for asking that I think the best way to know that would be to ask repo maintainers by raising a Github issue!

I will also hit Damien to know more about that and let you know as soon as I have the info!

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I thought about raising a Github issue, but that seemed like it would be obnoxious to the maintainers. The only choices they’ve made available for new issues are for creating bug reports and requesting new features. This is neither. I’m just curious to know when the next package will be published because I’d like to take advantage of the most recent code in the auth0.net repo: https://github.com/auth0/auth0.net

I managed to get some info back from the repo maintainer!

It’s going to be a major version as it is a break and there are other features that are also breaking that need to be in this release still to be completed. The initial aim is next week but it’s not a promise.

Ok, cool! Thanks for the heads-up, Konrad!

No worries! We’re here for you!

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