When to use Auth0 organisations?

When is the best time to use Auth0 Organisations? The application I’m building will have businesses have an account with team members, which I have seen in the tutorial videos of auth0 orgs. But I have also seen it has its pitfalls when it comes to RBCA and some other important aspects. I also want a team member to be able to be a part of more than one organisations? this gets confusing when its all within one tenant. So I’m a bit stumped. Could someone outline to me why exactly you would use either case? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @nolanl13,

The use of Organizations really comes down to your specific use case and your/your customers requirements, so there is not always a clear cut answer for this and needs some thought.

We do have plenty of information available to help you evaluate and decide on the best approach to take, I recommend you start by taking a look at our Architecture Scenarios, specifically the B2B use case.
You should then take a look at Multiple Organization Architecture, where you will find some example use cases and further details.

Since you want to have a single user (team member) to be able to be apart of multiple organizations it would make a lot of sense to use a single tenant and to use the Orgs feature. It would become quite complex if you wanted to have businesses on separate tenants and attempt to sync a user between tenants.
I hope the information above helps you find a decision that right for you!

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