What's best practice for custom RBAC roles and permissions?

My multi-tenant SaaS wants to offer custom RBAC but I see in documentation:

There is a cap of 1000 roles per tenant. If you have a multi-tenant SaaS where people can create custom roles, and you have 500 customers with 2 roles each, you’re already out of the available roles per tenant.

And you don’t want to make another tenant because you might have a User (i.e., a contractor) involved in multiple tenants.

Is the only option to ask Auth0 to raise the cap? Anyone know how much they are able to raise these entity limits for roles by?

Hoping to not receive a reply such as Auth0 Enterprise account rep can work with you on this. Just want a straight forward answer so that I know what to build towards. Willing to pay for the service but trying to figure out how to best spend our time right now.

I guess we got chatgpt responding to posts now.

Hi @larrybarry

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Thank you for posting your question. Do you have precise data on how many roles per tenant you need to achieve the desired results? I will talk with our Developer Engineering team to see if these numbers can be set.