What is the expected inter-application Control Flow on MacOS?

By control flow here, I mean the “control flow” between applications, rather that in code per se.

I have a couple of Auth0 implementations, and the sample code from https://github.com/auth0-samples/auth0-ios-swift-sample/tree/master/Sample-01, and I’m seeing the same behaviour across all of them.

My expectation:

  1. I hit login from my app, and the Safari login window appears, and Safari becomes the front most active application.

  2. I complete login somehow - e.g. by logging in, or cancelling, or closing the Safari window.

  3. My application gets callbacks, and becomes the active frontmost application

What I see in my implementations:

At step 3, Safari remains active, and I need to Control-Tab via the application switcher (or some other mechanism) to make my app active.

My implementations seem to be working fine apart from this - my logins look good, and everything functions as expected.

Before I start digging any deeper, I’d like to confirm that once login is done (or at the very least once it succeeds), my application should become active and frontmost.

I am on MacOS 12.6.6 (21G646).

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Hi @martin.redington,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I don’t have an MacOS environment set up to test, but could you handle this in your app after getting a successful login? I can try it out next week.

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