What is the best design if I would like to provide one API server and multiple single page applications?

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I currently think about providing one API server and multiple SPAs using Auth0:

  • Core API server
    • This is a Rails-based API
    • Verify tokens from both SPAs
    • After verifying, it stores the Auth0 metadata (user_id or something) in our application’s DB and uses it if needed
  • SPA for users (ToC application)
    • Provide both Login and Signup features
    • Verifying emails is required
    • After a user signs up, it sends an email to verify the user’s email and put a redirect link there
    • After clicking the redirect link, the user can sign in to the application
  • SPA for clients (ToB application)
    • Provide only Login feature and administrators would create accounts for them on Auth0 Dashboard
    • Verifying emails is not needed for them

I’m not sure I can satisfy such specifications using only one tenant (1 API and 2 SPAs).

  • Is it possible to do that using only one tenant?
    • Can customize login flows for each application like the above?
    • Even if possible, is it so hard? (e.g. managing Auth0 API and building a custom Login UI by myself or something)
  • If it’s impossible or not recommended, is it better to use different tenants for each application?
    • For example, creating ToC application tenant and ToB application tenant, and configuring disable signup for only ToB application tenant.
    • Then we might have to separate the core API endpoint for the applications

Sorry for the confusing question.
If it’s not enough, I’ll share more information with you.

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Hi @hideaki.ishii1204,

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Yes, you can accomplish this with one tenant.

To configure your tenant to only allow signups for the ToC application, you could:

  • Create a new Database Connection for the ToB application and disable signups.

  • In the ToB application, only enable this database connection.
  • In the ToC application, enable any connections you’d like except the connection you created for the ToB application.

To handle email verification, you could follow this guide for custom email handling:

In the rule, you could check to make sure that the context.clientID is the Client ID of the ToC application.

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Thank you for the awesome reply!
I will try to create a new DB connection following your advice!

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