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What is the "All Applications" application?

I haven’t noticed this before in my other tenants, but one of my tenants has an application called the “All Applications” application. It doesn’t show up in the mgmt console, only if you ping the /api/v2/clients endpoint. It maybe has something to do with having used a social login provider?

Just curious.

    "tenant": "mytenant",
    "name": "All Applications",
    "callbacks": [],
    "global": true,
    "allowed_clients": null,
    "allowed_logout_urls": null,
    "is_first_party": true,
    "oidc_conformant": false,
    "owners": [
. [SNIP]
    "allowed_origins": null,
    "client_id": "j3KOSshk6cHvbfv_luvVE_nFN5_ctsG9",
    "callback_url_template": false,
    "config_route": null,
    "client_secret": "supersecret",
    "grant_types": [
    "custom_login_page_on": false

So basically all tenants have “All Applications” system application that is there for management purposes

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