What is Enhanced Password Protection?

In the plan feature comparison, it lists Enhanced Password Protection which links through to Password Strength in Auth0 Database Connections and seems to match what the tooltip says. However, this is listed as not available for Free tier plans (and also not for B2C Essentials), yet I can set password strength et al on the free plan we’re testing with (not a trial of pro or enterprise).

Is Enhanced Password Protection something different to the password strength controls (if so, what?) or is it now available on all plans, or…?

Many thanks, Craig

Hi @craig.burton ,

I have reached out to our internal team regarding this query and will keep you updated once hearing from them. Thanks!


Hi @lihua.zhang - did you get anything definitive from the team on what the Enhanced Password Protection covers or whether the password strength/history/dictionary settings (for database authentication) are available on all plans or not?

Thanks, Craig

Hi @craig.burton ,

I have not received updates about this query yet and just followed up again. Once the info is available, I will let you know. Appreciate your continued patience.

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