What happens when a user changes his phone number? (passwordless login)

What happens after an existing user goes to ATT and changes his phone number? How can they access their account? What if someone else takes their number?

Not sure if it’s even possible that somebody else takes a phone number right away, when one cancels his contract (if he didn’t explicitly transfer the number over to somebody else). Not sure what the policies at telcos are, but isn’t there a grace period that it can’t be used for a while for security reasons? Just guessing here.

Anyway, anybody with the phone number and using Passwordless via SMS can of course access the account. Therefore, it should be offered to also set up a username/password account (or a passwordless via email, or social, in addition to the passwordless option) linked to the same user, this way there is always a fallback option.

Of course, if the user cancels his mobile number, he should make sure to delete any passwordless+SMS accounts that he has.

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