SMS Passwordless overwriting/resetting user name on log in

If I add a proper name to a SMS user via the Auth0 admin website, the name gets overwritten/reset back to their phone number the next time the user logs in via passwordless SMS .

Is there a setting to stop this?

A bit of background - we will pre-load SMS users via the management API, so that we have their names and roles already loaded in Auth0. Therefore the overwriting of the name is definitely not the desired behavior we want.

Hi @georgea and welcome to the Auth0 Community! :tada:

Would you mind sending me your tenant in a DM so I can have a closer look at your setup? Without knowing too much about your scenario this does sound like possible expected behavior. However this is something that perhaps Rules could help with but without having a better idea I can’t say for certain how viable that may be. I’m also going to link to another community article that goes a bit into connection strategies and the types of identifiers they require.

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