Name not set when create sms passwordless users via API

I’m pushing own member-data to auth0, but I can’t get det name set on the sms-connection.

The response I get from the api-call shows that the name is ignored:

"name": "+45xxxxxxxx",
"nickname": "+45xxxxxxxx",
"phone_number": "+45xxxxxxxx",

Does that mean it’s not possible to set a name on the sms-connection?

If so, why doesn’t the API complain about incompatible params (like when providing an email on creation )

Hi @AlsLUG

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The phone number used for login on an sms connection being set in the name property is by design at present. What this also means is if you update the name property via the management api to something else, on next login it’s likely to be overwritten by the phone number again.

If you’re going to set the name for a user I would put the user’s name within the user_metadata as per this community post

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