What do the "tokenCounter" and "latestCounter" info mean in event logs?

I’m trying to debug why some of our users keep hitting the event ferrt - Unsuccessful Refresh Token exchange, reused refresh token detected and I see the details have a tokenCounter and latestCounter with the former being one less than the other. What do these fields mean?

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tokenCounter and latestCounter refer to the count assigned whenever a new refresh token is issued - Just to confirm in your case the counter value is 1 less than latestCounter. If that’s the case the token that is used in the refresh token exchange has already been used and any reuse interval configured in your dashboard is irrelevant. If the opposite were true, then the reuse interval would apply.

Hope this helps in your debugging!

Just to clarify–if the response returns tokenCounter is 1 and latestCounter is 2, that means I’m reusing a token/that will trigger a reuse detected?

Looking at the docs too, I wanna clarify what this snippet means:

During the leeway window the breach detection features don’t apply and a new rotating refresh token is issued. Only the previous token can be reused; if the second-to-last one is exchanged, breach detection will be triggered.

What is “previous” token vs “second-to-last one” here? is “previous” the same as “last one”?


Hey @jade sorry for the delayed response!

That’s correct :white_check_mark:

It took me a few times reading our docs to make sense of it, but yes “previous” refers to the last one or most recently issued.

Hope this helps!

Hah yes thanks for the help here! And yes I agree the docs could help with a little more clarity.

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No problem, happy to help!

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