What counts as an "Access Token Issued"

The quota for Machine to Machine tokens is billed on an “Access Token Issued” basis, however we’re not quite clear about what this means. In particular in the following scenario would one or two Access Tokens be issued?


  • A request to /oauth/token is made to get and M2M token (Token A) which has an expiry of 1 day.
  • Later in the day, before Token A expires, a second request is made to /oath/token
    • Side query, will this generate a new token (Token B) or return Token A again?

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In that scenario it would count as two tokens, one issued early in the day (Token A) and one issued later in the day (Token B). Token B will not expire until 24 hours after it was requested.

An M2M Access Token can be decoded using a verification library or https://jwt.io/ so that you can see when it expires.

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