Welcome/Login form in Xamarin

Hi All,

I am using the New Universal Login form to handle logins to a Xamarin app for both IOS and Android. This does most of what I want but has two annoying problems:

The tenant name is BrightSentinel and the app is called BrightSentinel App. When the login page is presented in the phone app it says “Log in to BrightSentinel to continue to BrightSentinel App.”

Is there any way to change this to just “Log in to BrightSentinel?”

The second problem is that the login page does not disappear when logging is completed. It hangs around until after the main app is closed, and needs to be manually closed. Is there any way to dispose of it after login so so it doesn’t hang around.

Sorry if these are obvious but I am not very experienced with Xamarin.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @rlkeith,

You can customize any of the text using Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts. It appears you are looking for the login prompt’s pageTitle attribute.

I’ll need some more information to understand what you mean here. Can you please post (or DM) a screen capture of the behavior you are describing?

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Hello Dan,

Thanks for the response. I’ll work out how to change the prompt.

I did a screen capture of the problem: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.
When I log in, the login page stays as a separate app window. Then I log out, the logout page stays around as well. I can end up with a few of them kicking around. Some of my users do not practice screen hygiene and could end up with lots of zombie windows.


It looks like there is an issue with the video. You can also DM it too me if it’s not too big.