Ways of adding/removing people of tenants programmatically

Is there any way to add/remove people from tenants programmatically? Sometimes I get requests from the team in order to add or remove 20-30 people from a subset of tenants that we manage in our organization, and it’s a very tedious work to perform that operation manually. I was wondering if there is any programmatic way to do that via Postman or code. For example:

  1. Select tenant/tenants name.
  2. Have a subset of user accounts you need to add as tenant members.
  3. Select role/access needed (admin-editor-viewer,etc).
  4. Rock and the activity will be performed.

This way we could avoid a lot of manual work.

Hey there!

Unfortunately I have bad news for you as it’s not doable at the moment now programatically. The only option is through the Dashboard UI however I know that it is painful when you need to perform such action for bigger number of users.

I highly encourage you to fill in a feature request regarding that using our Feedback category here: