VueJS2 application with Auth0 authentication API

I presently work for the NCI, building a reporting application in VueJS 2, using the vue-cli Webpack boilerplate. I’ve been through the various VueJS Quickstart tutorials on the Auth0 site and am still very confused as how to meet the application requirements which I have listed below:

  • All routes in the application as well as application REST calls, with the exception of /login and /signup require authentication.
  • We are required to build a custom login/signup page(s) that are embedded in the applicatoin, and not hosted by Auth0. Therefore the hosted pages as well as Lock widgets are not usable. We have to interact directly with the Auth0 API
  • Upon session expiration/logout the user should automatically be redirected back to the Login page

On the surface this doesn’t seem that hard to do but some of the Auth0 tutorials are old and I hoping to find something that walks me through the process. I did find this:

but it is using Auth0 API v.7 and not v.8 (we need to use the latest).

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.