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Hello everybody,
I would like to share a module I created to make a VueJS Typescript SPA interact with Auth0 API using the plugin you already shared (auth0-spa-js). The main difference is that, instead of having plugins injected or a library to call, everything is handled inside a Vuex module using particular decorators which allow the code to be much cleaner.

My objective is to have this plugin in your github profile as a npm package. I would result as a contributor and you can have my plugin and apply MIT to it like I would.
Can anybody ping me so we can move on?

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Thanks for the contribution @a.sanino, I will share it with our SDK team and see if I can get some feedback on it. Can you share a github link to it?

I will share it as soon as I have the guarantee I will keep the intellectual property on the code. Just to be sure you will just not copy paste, however we can discuss here the details:

it is based on a multiple components used:

The basic idea is that I have built a vuex module using vuex class which auto interacts with auth0 and handles idToken and accessToken.

So here an example

// MyComponent.vue
    <p> Logged in as {{this.name}} </p>
    <button @click="login"> Login using Auth0 </button>
<script lang="ts">
import { Vue, Component } from "vue-property-decorator";
import { session, SessionModule } from "@/store/sessionModule";

export default class MyComponent extends Vue {
    session = createProxy(session, SessionModule);

    async mounted() : Promise<void> {
        if (this.$route.query.callback) { // just an example, you can do it in a separated page
            await this.session.handleCallback();

    login() : void {

    get name(): string {
        return this.session.idToken.given_name || "Not logged in"

If possible, please open an empty private repo under auth0 github and I will make the PR to it.

My github account is https://github.com/saniales

Thanks for the insight @a.sanino, I will share these details with the SDK team to see if we can find a joint path forward.

@a.sanino, would you be interested in applying to the Auth0 Guest Author program? Please keep us posted as things progress with your module :slightly_smiling_face:

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How can I join the program?

Good morning @a.sanino, I have included a link to the Guest Authors program down below. When you get a chance give it a look and if it’s something your interested in please apply!

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