VueJS: Third-party cookie will be blocked in future Chrome versions as part of Privacy Sandbox


I’m currently wondering about this message in my Google Chrome Console:
“Third-party cookie will be blocked in future Chrome versions as part of Privacy Sandbox.”

How I can prevent this issue in the future? Will there be an update for the VueJS SDK or something?

Hey there @patrickbeck91

Please see the following post:

Does not help me very well… can’t you just adjust the examples so this is no problem in the future? As you see I’m not the only one. I downloaded the current example and get the same messages.

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The examples may be updated at some point as adjusting to Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox is still a work in progress - That being said adding a custom domain (which mitigates 3rd party cookies entirely) is an option only on paid plans currently and the use of refresh tokens is encouraged but not required.

To address the upcoming blocking of third-party cookies in Chrome and similar browsers, take proactive steps in your VueJS application. Ensure cookies are set with the appropriate same-site attributes (Lax or Strict) to maintain functionality across domains. Shift towards using first-party contexts for cookie operations within your application’s domain rather than relying on third-party cookies. Stay updated with VueJS community discussions and potential library updates that may provide enhanced cookie management strategies aligned with evolving browser privacy policies. These measures will help mitigate potential disruptions caused by future browser updates regarding third-party cookie handling.

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