Third-party cookie deprecation in Chrome

I saw Chrome is logging a warning message about third-party cookie deprecation for future chrome versions.

Auth0’s cookies will be affected by this.

What should we do to mitigate this in future Chrome release?

Hey there @Andiras !

As far as I’m aware configuring a custom domain for your tenant should mitigate any issues related to third-party cookies:

So this will require a paid subscription for every single tenant. Not cool!

Let me rephrase my question, what should we do to mitigate this in future Chrome release when using a free subscription, thus without custom domains?

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Sorry, let me re-phrase my answer as using a custom domain is just the most straightforward solution, but not the only one. Any tenant that does not have the ability to utilize a custom domain can get around third-party cookie issues by using refresh tokens / refresh token rotation. This is preferred to traditional silent auth which does rely on an auth0 cookie (third-party without a custom domain).

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