Vuejs + API tutorial don't work


I am new to Auth0. We want to replace our current auth flow with Auth0 solution on our stack (VueJS SPA front end with node.js API server). I completed the VueJS SPA tutorial easily, then i followed with the server API which follows, and suddenly, the demo app is broken because of sameSite cookie problem. Is there anything else that needs to be enabled in my particular case (Vue + node.js) in the setup? The demo api server is run by the vue development server on port 3001 while the dev server itself runs on 3000. Funny thing is, after starting up via npm run dev, even the basic login which works at the end of lesson 1 is now broken.

Has anyone stumbled upon this?

I think this post holds the answer:

At this point in time (Chrome 84) local debugging without https doesn’t work, i ll modify the example to use https and report back

I’ve modified server.js to use https, self signed certificate, i updated the callback urls in the dashboard to use https instead of http, and I run the server.js directly (node server.js) without development server, and serve the demo vuejs app as static files. Everything loads, but the sameSite issue is stll there. In the developer console, all my cookies have an empty value in the sameSite attribute. Blah