Vue.js User Authentication: Developer Guide with JavaScript

[Coming Soon] This JavaScript guide will help you learn how to secure a Vue.js application. You’ll learn how to create and use a Vue.js plugin with the Auth0 SPA SDK to implement user authentication, route protection, and access protected data from external APIs.

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It would be great to see an official guide on roles/permissions based access for these kind of SPAs and Next.js apps. Authentication is nice but more often than not, there are features/pages only admins may want to have access to that regular users should not. The documentation doesn’t make it clear what the best approach might be for these kinds of applications.

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Howdy, Keith!
We are currently doing research on how to create recipes to tackle these use cases.
There are different strategies at play depending on how often the roles/permissions change and all that.
As soon as I have a draft, I’ll update this thread with a link. I don’t have an ETA on when that would be ready but we are having active discussions currently on what that guidance should be like.


@dan-auth0 That’s awesome to hear. Thanks for the hard work you guys put into these as well. They’re extremely helpful.

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We are all here for you @kdesimini !