How to Create a Vue Plugin

Learn how to create a Vue plugin to manage user authentication.

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I would love to level up my Vue skills! Please let us know when the article gets added :raised_hands:

scorpion ~/TMP git clone -b starter dans ‘auth0-vue-sample’…
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Unable to read remote repository.
Please check that you have the access rights and that the repository exists.

scorpion ~/TMP git clone -b starter
Clonage dans ‘auth0-vue-samples’…
fatal: The remote starter branch was not found in the origin upstream repository

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Hello, Claude. This error may relate to your local SSH configuration. You can use this resource to set that up or verify that your configuration is correct:

As an alternative, you may also clone the repo using HTTPS or you may download the project from GitHub.

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Thanks, in the meantime I cloned the project and am working on it. Thanks, Claude.

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Let us know if you have other questions down the road!

HI Dan

Thanks for the great content. Quick question. Do you have any plans to do this using Vue 3? I am relatively new to Vue (and Auth0) and want to use Vue 3 in my project.

Many thanks,

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Maybe this article will be of any help:

Hello, Martin! @holly and I are discussing what strategy we’d need to take for creating the same type of Plugin in Vue 3! Stay tuned for any news on this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Dan @dan-auth0. I will keep an eye out for any new content.

Thanks Konrad @konrad.sopala. I’m just reading through the article now. It’s more generally about Vue3 and Vue2 differences, rather than how to integrate Auth0, but still a good worthwhile read for me, so thank you and @holly for writing it. :smiley:

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Just wanted to help anyhow as I don’t have any experience with Vue :slight_smile: