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Via dashboard, is there a way to create sms user and/or link accounts?



I am aware that you can call the management api to create a user with an sms connection, and use it to link accounts.

However, I haven’t found a way to do this via the dashboard, which would be less tedious and less error-prone.

So, before I create my own dashboard, is there a way to do these things via the dashboard, or are there pending plans to add that type of functionality to the dashboard?


To my knowledge, there isn’t support at the dashboard level and based on my search through the backlogs and planned features list there are no plans to include such functionality at this time. What’s the use case behind preferring to do this through the dashboard? For example, is this driven by one-off (maybe customer support related) cases where end-user self-service signup and automated account linking do not apply or is it driven by something completely different. The reason I ask is because I can add a note for product team to review, but in this case the more information about the scenario the merrier.