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Values for use in Redirect URL of a Verification Email?



I’m trying to dynamically set my Redirect URL for my verification emails.

I have:

{% if user.app_metadata.userType[0] == 'Guardian' %}https://mydomain:8443/{% else %} https://mydomain:8444/api/user/passwordForm?passwordToken={{user.app_metadata.passwordToken}} {% endif %}

but it’s not working; the token does not get added.

So, what values are available to me, or am I accessing them incorrectly?


According to this ( for the redirect field you would have the client identifier or the domain associated with the first callback URL of the client; there’s no indication that metadata is available for that field.

Per ( it should be possible to have full control over that redirect URL by generating the verification ticket through Management API and then sending the email from your own system.