Validate users using my own databasa

Hello!!! following this steps Vue.js v2/JavaScript + Express.js/JavaScript

It’s possible check and validate users using my own data base???

I have been trying for several days, trying to validate users who can log in using the login of auth0, in my case I have my own database on postgres, and I would like allow users to log in but only those who are registered in my database, I was thinking it’s possible???

Hi @Gerarca !

You can integrate your Postgress database with auth0 by creating a custom database connection in the Auth0 tenant.

The process is depicted here - Create Custom Database Connections

You can restrict a connection available for your specific application registered in auth0 by going to your Auth0 tenant → Applications → your app → Connections → switch on the button representing the custom postgress connection that you have created and switch off any other connections.

I also found a blog on integrating postgress with auth0, maybe helpful! - Connecting PostgreSQL to Auth0 Custom Database

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One thing to take into consideration, before any significant effort on that, is the pricing plan and the availability of this feature:

In all cases, if you registered for a new free trial, bu default you have a full access for some time to test feature out.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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thanks @marcelina.barycka I got it!

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