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V11 - Uncaught error: accessToken is not valid



Given the impending deprecations we are updating our React 15 app from auth0-lock v10 to v11. In doing so we are experiencing the following error:

BlockquoteUncaught Error: accessToken parameter is not valid
at variable (index.js:35152)
at Object.check (index.js:35152)
at Authentication.userInfo (index.js:35152)
at index.js:35152
at index.js:35152
at IdTokenVerifier.verify (index.js:35152)
at WebAuth.validateToken (index.js:35152)
at WebAuth.validateAuthenticationResponse (index.js:35152)
at WebAuth.parseHash (index.js:35152)
at Auth0APIClient.parseHash (index.js:35152)
at Auth0WebAPI.parseHash (index.js:35152)
at parseHash (index.js:35152)
at index.js:35152
at List.__iterate (index.js:35152)
at List.forEach (index.js:35152)
at resumeAuth (index.js:35152)

Using the lock webpack example appears to operate correctly, we are using the same parameters, ClientID and domain in both applications. Neither the ‘authenticated’ or ‘authorization error’ events are fired when this error occurs. Any help is gratefully appreciated.