How to refresh sessions when upgrading to lock 11?

We are upgrading to lock 11 (from 9), where we previously used getClient().refreshToken. We are wondering how to do the same in lock 11. It looks like there is a checkSession method from the auth0 library, but it’s not clear how to leverage authentication from lock, and checkSession from auth0. Is this possible?

We tried a few different things, and the current error we get during checkSession() is “Error: accessToken parameter is not valid”. This is after logging in successfully with lock. Is there some way to hand the auth info from lock over to auth0.js?

Have you had a look at the Lock v11 API reference? This migration guide also might have some helpful info to connect the dots

Thanks, but so far I haven’t seen any information about using lock and also Auth0.js together. This makes migration extremely difficult from older versions of lock, when needing session refresh.

The error you’re receiving should only occur if you call userInfo without specifying an access token.

Would you be able to share the code you’re using along with a HAR file (please remove any sensitive details such as password) so we can have a closer look at what’s going on?

Please upload both to a cloud storage service (e.g. Google drive), and share the link with us. Feel free to restrict access to the link for only email addresses using