Using web hooks with the authorization extension

I’ve been looking around to see if I could use webhooks whenever, for example, a role is assigned to a user in the Authorization extension. So far I’m fairly certain this is not possible. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could achieve this within Auth0? Thanks in advance.

ICYMI there’s now also support for role-based authorization built-in with the service (Role-Based Access Control) instead of relying in the extension; it’s not yet feature equivalent, but for what’s available provides a much better story in terms of performance and scalability.

The bad news is that as far I’m aware you’re correct and neither the extension nor the built-in version provides a hook for that. In both case I believe the only possibility to ensure that requirement would be to not leverage the default front-ends from where role management can be performed and instead rely on your own system that would call into the respective API to perform the role assignment. Given that this would be within your own system you could then have all the hooks you would require at the time roles or permissions are assigned.

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Thank you for your response. Sadly, I don’t think the current feature set of the integrated authorization is complete enough yet for how we intend to use it, but I’m happy to see work is being done to make authorization a first-class citizen.

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