Using Refresh tokens with Applications, not APIs

We’re looking to receive a refresh token from the passwordGrant API ()Authentication API Explorer) via nodeJs (AuthenticationClient - Documentation) but cannot find anywhere to turn on offline_access for our application.

We don’t use auth0 APIs, we just have an application which we authenticate our microservices through. We would like to use refresh tokens to enable our native app users to remain logged in for longer. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

This screenshot indicates I should be able to Allow Offline Access in the Application settings, not just API settings. Source: Call Your API Using Resource Owner Password Flow

Hey there @matt.kaufman welcome to the community!

I think this documentation may be mistaken as I’m not aware of any such setting at the application level - Using the password grant, you should just be able to include the offline_access scope in the authorization request in order to retrieve a refresh token.

Thanks! We determined that we were able to get a refresh token via https but not through the node.js library GitHub - auth0/node-auth0: Node.js client library for the Auth0 platform. even though we’re adding the correct offline_access scope, its not coming through

Appreciate for the update! I’m going to mark this as solved considering you’ve opened up a new topic specific to Node :slight_smile: Thanks for opening a new topic BTW!


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