Using multiple auth domains and support multiple issuers

Is there any way to use multiple auth domains and support tokens from multiple issuers simultaneously.

Hey @raju-cimpress :wave:

Although this is something we’d like to inherently support in the next major release, it’s not currently possible to support multiple domains simultaneously. You need to provide a single, specific domain at SDK initialization time.

You could workaround this by capturing errors (like token validation failures) and falling back through a list of domains you wish to support, as the domain configured with the SDK can be changed at runtime, but I realize that isn’t ideal.

We do support multiple issuer checks, however. The audience configuration parameter of the SDK accepts an array of strings.

You can review the configuration class’ available options here.

Thanks @evansims.
I try the option of changing domain on runtime.
Looking forward to multiple domain support in coming releases of SDK.

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