Using Guardian SDK and checking if an enrolment is valid/exists

Problem statement

We want to know if there is an existing method available in Auth0 Guardian Android and iOS SDK that can be used to determine if a user enrolment is still valid/exists?


  • If our app calls the SDK un-enroll method to delete user enrolment, SDK u-nenroll call went through to the backend server but the client app received a failure response due to bad network/loss of network. In this case, is there a way to check if existing enrolment on device is still valid on auth0 backend?


The SDK itself does not have methods to check the status of existing enrollments. If there was a network failure from the mobile app, you can retry the operation.

Alternatively, you can use the Auth0 APIs directly to retrieve the authenticator (device account, enrollment, authenticator, and authentication method, in this case, correspond to the same concept).

User-level. This can be used from the mobile app.

  • Management APIs