Can we check if email already ecist in AUTH0 .Is there any exposed API?

Hey I am looking for a way to check if particular email exist or not in AUTH0
Is there any exposed API for that ?
By just using AUTH0 domain and creds can we find out for particular email if it exist or not ?
i know there are ways by using access token but without that is that possible?


By default, the Use a generic response in public signup API error message is enabled in Tenant Settings.

Errors generated using the public signup API will return a generic response when enabled. This helps protect against user registration enumeration by preventing bad actors from being able to guess previously-registered email addresses or usernames from reading error response codes, such as user_exists

When disabled, you could use the Signup endpoint of Authentication API or attempt a login with the wrong password to check if the user exists.

This is not recommended due to the above-mentioned enumeration vulnerability.

The other approach is to use the Management API. There are two endpoints that can search users by email:

List or Search Users
Search Users by Email

I hope this helps!

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Hey,Thanks a ton for the quick response,
Token would be needed to use any of those AUTH0 Management API which you mentioned right? like search_by_email and search users? Correct me if i am wrong?
Also Regarding public signup API response i totally get your concern So Its achievable only if be disable the generic response right?


Yes, to call these Management API endpoints, you will need an Access Token with read:users scope. You can get such a token in two ways:

For the public signup/login endpoint, yes, disabling the Use a generic response in public signup API error message will allow you to see if the user account exists or not.

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Thanks a ton!!,
Really appreciate the quick turn around and work !!
you guyz are making our life easy!!

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