Using both auth0-react and express-openid-connect?


I’m developing a React app with a Node/express server. I’m using auth0-react for authentication for my frontend and are now looking at having express-openid-connect as my authentication for my server. I followed the guide below for the openid implementation and everything is working fine. However, since my frontend and backend now runs on two different auth0 application (one SPA for auth0-react and a Regular Web Application for my backend) the user needs two authenticate twice.

It can obviously not work that way… Am I misunderstanding how the express-openid-connect should be used? Should I instead just generate the token with getAccessTokenSilently in the frontend and do the JWT verification in the backend instead?

I think express-openid-connect is in most cases very user friendly and something I would like to use so, is it possible to use it without multiple autentications for the user?

Thanks in advance

Maybe check this Authenticate Single-Page Apps With Cookies