Using Auth0 with the lumen framework

I’m trying to integrate Auth0 into my application which is based on the lumen framework by laravel.
Has anyone experience with this?
I can’t bring it to work with the Laravel-Tutorial.

The only resource I foud on Google is not available anymore:

The resource you mentioned is indeed no longer available; although the previous discussion forum contained relevant information for general topics it also contained significant information that is no longer relevant so in order to reduce confusion the content was made unavailable in its entirety.

Having said that, in this particular case, the resource in question also would not seem to be a definitive answer as it only contained a link to stuff you likely also have found through search engines, in particular, a reference to this repository which based on the last commit date may not be what you were looking for.

In conclusion, there is no Auth0 SDK specifically targeting lumen, however, if this an API framework you may want to take a look at the PHP SDK; at least the parts about JWT validation and processing.