Users_friends missing

Up until facebook issued changes to their API policy, I was receiving the mutual_friends object when using the management-api. This is no longer the case, the field appears to be missing.

Note, Facebook automatically grants access to users_friends and the option is enabled on the social integration on the dashboard. Am I missing something?

:wave: @Garbonauta not too familiar with their graph api, did you always have the users_friends checked in the dashboard? How are you retrieving the mutual friends object? Are you able to test it and nothing is returned for you? Or is it for other users?

I have been reading through your docs, and either something changed relatively recently, or I have been lucky for a few months, which is possible.

This is what would happen:
I have users_profiles attribute turned on for facebook connections in Auth0. When I would use the management-api, users endpoint, it would provide me an array, mutual_friends, which included the facebook IDs of all the user’s friends who used my app. It was a very simplified version of facebook’s user_friends api, as it only included IDs, but it was effective as I could just cross reference my own data store.

What I mean is:
As part of the payload provided by the management api, if users_friends was checked, I would receive a payload: mutual_friends inside the context node. This would include a list of facebook userids, note not auth0, and thus I could just cross reference those Ids with my store. This was also advantageous in that it saved me a network request as I already need to ping the management api for the Access Token.

From the documentation, it doesn’t sound like I was doing something which was doing the recommended approach. I should go out and fetch the data from facebook’s graph api, and that is fine. Please let me know if you think my conclusion is wrong.

:wave: @Garbonauta I apologize, I missed your reply. Were you able to develop a solution for receiving the users friends (for Facebook) ?