Username support on social connections

I’m relatively certain the answer to this is “You can’t do that”, but thought I’d ask anyway.

I’m working on a CMS site where I want to have content namespaced by the user and the actual site name - similar to how GitHub works. So /graham/something is different to /fred/something.

With the “Username-Password-Authentication” connection this is relatively easy. Just turn on “Requires Username”, and then all users will have a username and the can be searched by that.

However, anyone who authenticates via a social connection - Google, Facebook, etc - will not have a username, and attempting to save a username on their profile results in:

{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Cannot update username for non-database user","errorCode":"operation_not_supported"}

Is this just something that can’t be done? Or is there some way to have users on social connections that also have usernames?


Hi @sazzer,

This answer might be what you are looking for: Signup with username & social connections - #2 by Abhishek_Hingnikar

As described in the answer, you could set up a redirect rule for social logins to collect the username field on a special page: Redirect Users From Within Rules

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