Require username at signup with social connection

I´m using the auth0-lock version 10.6.0 with angular2. I am currently allowing sign up with three connections: database, facebook & twitter.
I whould like all users to have a unique username that sign up to my app. I´ts really easy with database and works great but is it possible to force users from social connections to create their own username when signing up?

This seems to be a duplicate (by the same user) of the following forum post around a year ago:

@jake.soenneker good find. Do you want to respond to this post? You can provide a link to the original post, or you can copy that answer to here, so we have a version on the new community which we can link to in future posts.

Sounds good, I’ll respond. Thanks prashant

@jake.soenneker have in mind that in the old forum we have a notice asking that if users have an existing issue that they still consider unanswered they should replicate it in the new forum so that may explain the exact duplication. However, this still has no built-in support so we may want to write a quick summary of the old post and ask what outstanding questions does he still have because the posted question itself was addressed in the other post.

@kjartan, it appears you asked the same question here last year: Signup with username & social connections

There were several solutions proposed using redirect rules in .NET or JavaScript. These should allow you to maintain unique usernames for users, including social connections.

Did you have any remaining questions?