username-password fails with 403

I just finished implementing Auth0 Lock v10 in my Angular JS app. I do not seem to be able to register a user with a username-password. The user gets created and is visible in my list of users, but none of my rules run. My test user gets the verification email sent. At one point I was testing the hooks and I had one, which was causing an issue on login, but I deleted it.

Each page of my auth0 management page is now displaying a pink banner that says "There was an error. Please try again.

From my understanding there’s two issues at play here, the first is that you were expecting rules to be executed and they don’t seem to be and the second is some issue with the Dashboard application.

In relation to the second, I could not reproduce this and the Dashboard for my account exhibits no issue, however, you may gotten to that state by doing a sequence of very specific steps; the recommendation here would be to do a hard refresh and even a logout and login again and see if the situation continues.

For the first situation, you mention that you’re registering a user and that he gets created, but then the rules don’t execute. Have in mind that the rules run after the initial authentication step of the user, for example, for a database connection rules would run after the user has provided correct credentials and for a social connection rules would run after the users has completed an authentication step with the external identity provider in question. In conclusion, rules are associated with login and won’t run if the user only registers or gets created; there are some hooks that run at registration time for database connection users so if you need an extensibility point for registration of database users you may want to revisit them.