/userinfo dj-rest-auth

I’m trying to integrate Auth0 with dj-rest-auth which is built on top of all-auth.
I correctly set the settings on Django Rest Framework side, but I’m unsure about:

  1. What should the url for AUTH0_URL be? Is it the same as domain from the Auth0 application?
  2. I generated an access_token by setting up a machine to machine application in the Auth0 dashboard (is this the correct access_token to use?)

Context for 1:
Setting the AUTH0_URL = domain does not work for me, which always gives a 401, Unauthorized response to /userinfo endpoint.
If I set it to api/v2/userinfo, the request goes through but I always get a 404 response as {"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Not Found"}

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

It looks like that SDK is expecting the entire base URL of your tenant. If you go to this doc and log in it will populate the correct base URL: Authentication API Explorer.

Userinfo is not an an api/v2 endpoint. You can use the same doc I linked above to find your exact URL for the userinfo endpoint.

A M2M access token from the dashboard will not be associated with a user and will not return anything from the userinfo endpoint. This may be the core of your issue. You need to log in to return a user’s access token.