Setting up Auth0 with SwiftUI and Django Rest Framework

I am trying to add authentication via Auth0 to my app that uses Django Rest Framework for the API backend and swiftUI for the front end. I have successfully connected auth0 to both the backend and frontent (to DRF via this tutorial and to swift via this tutorial). However, I am struggling to connect the two. I want to figure out a way to use Auth0’s universal login page yet still have the user data show up in my Django Rest Framework API. Do you know of a way to do this, or is there a better way to implement this type of user authentication in my app?

Here is the swift code I have been using to create the Universal Login Page. I am wondering if maybe I have to add an API call to DRF once the Auth0 verifies the credentials, but I am not sure.

Button("Login") {
                    .audience("https://waittimes/api") // the api in auth0
                    .start { result in
                        switch result {
                        case .success(let credentials):
                            print("Obtained credentials: \(credentials)")
                            // maybe use access token to send a request to my DRF API??
                        case .failure(let error):
                            print("Failed with: \(error)")