/userinfo API returns 401 Unauthorized

I’m trying to retrieve user’s profile based on the Auth0 Access Token obtained during login.

I use the endpoint GET /userinfo

I successfully retrieve the Access Token using this function

const getUserMetadata = async () => {
        //const domain = "domain.us.auth0.com"
        const accessToken = await getAccessTokenSilently({
            authorizationParams: {
              audience: 'https://domain.us.auth0.com/userinfo', // Value in Identifier field for the API being called.
              scope: 'openid', // Scope that exists for the API being called. You can create these through the Auth0 Management API or through the Auth0 Dashboard in the Permissions view of your API.
        const tokenId = await getIdTokenClaims()
        const response = {
            access: accessToken,
            id: tokenId
        return response

I then make a get request to the API

get https://domain.us.auth0.com/userinfo
Authorization: "Bearer token"

I receive 401 Unauthorized

The token is created upon login with the default ‘Auth0 Management API’

It doesn’t work either when i use for audience


or when I use for scope


No solutions found anywhere on the internet, and in the documentation.
How what should I do to make it works ?

Thank you

Hi there @Ilanoh welcome to the community!

What exactly do you mean by this?

Do you mind sharing an example of an access token you’re attempting to use against /userinfo? Please redact any sensitive information.


This is the API for login

The access token is a jwt that I receive from getAccessTokenSilently, I place it in the get request Authorization header, but it doesn’t work.

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Thanks for getting back to me!

Do you mind decoding an example access token at jwt.io and sharing a screenshot here? Please redact any information that you don’t want share.


yes sure please find the screenshot here

What do you think is the issue?


Hi there, sorry for the delayed response here - Were you ever able to get this sorted?

The access token you shared looks good to me , assuming its not expired. If you get a new access token and use the shell script here to hit /userinfo, do you still get a 401?

Let us know either way!

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