Get user info returns invalid credentials

I’m trying to explore the auth0 world testing it with Postman.
I’m able to login with a test user and get the token to use. I also installed the example core service in my server and here the token works.

Now I’m trying to use the method /userinfo but when I send the request here with a valid token I get this messsage

    "error": "unauthorized",
    "error_description": "invalid credentials"

This is a very similar question but the question isn’t valid anymore, since the proposed method is disabled (here)

My request is built in this way:

Authorization: 'Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}'

Which is the error I’m doing? It seems to be correct, following the docs

The /userinfo endpoint is only available if you include the openid scope in the original authentication request. From the [documentation] (

Given the Auth0 access token obtained
during login, this endpoint returns a
user’s profile. This endpoint will
work only if openid was granted as a
scope for the access_token.
So if your authentication request includes "scope": "openid" (it can also include other claims) , you’ll be able to retrieve the user profile using the [GET /userinfo] ( endpoint as:

GET https://{YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN}/userinfo

Authorization: ‘Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}’

To make sure you’re using a valid access token, you can inspect the token at and check if the payload includes the audience value "aud" for your tenant’s userinfo endpoint "https://{YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN}/userinfo".