User resource doesn't match the schema

I asked about the schemas for the management API - and about which fields are mandatory - a while ago, but have since gotten distracted and only just come back.

Looking at the schema it doesn’t actually match the real data that is coming back from the API. :frowning: And this goes both ways.

There are fields in the schema that don’t always appear in the response, but that’s fine because everything is marked as optional so you’ve got to assume that. And I suspect that actually, they all will appear in the correct circumstances.

However, there are also fields that are in the response that don’t appear in the schema. For example:

  • last_password_reset
  • blocked_for (Though the schema does list blocked)
  • guardian_authenticators

Does anyone have a more accurate schema for the APIs that can be more relied upon?


Hi again @sazzer :smiley:

I’ll report this to our docs team and see if there is a more accurate schema. Thanks for the feedback!

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