User password reset


in our software we are testing Auth0. It is a valuable tool and we like it.

We have one little trouble: when a mail to reset the password is sent to the user, can we, in some way, know when the password is reset? Is it possibile to be notify about this user action?

There’s no built-in hook that would be called synchronously to notify your system that a user completed a reset password request. However, upon completion of that action there is a log event generated with type:scp which means that if you have configured your Auth0 service to send logs to your own system then you could process those logs to understand if a user completed the process or not. You would not be notified in real-time, but unless there’s an abnormal delay in logs processing your system would be able to react to this in a reasonable time frame.

Thanks for the reply jmangelo. How can I configure Auth0 service to send logs to my own system? Do you have some links to read about it?

There’s some extensions that support sending logs to some well-known external services:

As an alternative you can query logs using the Auth0 Management API and setup your own service that periodically extracts logs from Auth0 and stored in your custom source (!/Logs/get_logs).