User migration from enterprise SAML to Auth0

We’re developing a product using Auth0 as a medium between a corporate identity provider (SAML) and all of our product’s services. When a user logs in via the enterprise SSO, that user is created in auth0, at which point we enrich the profile to use as the source of truth for our other services. All of this has been working great.

However we’re in migration now and have come across an issue - we’d like to migrate in the users of the old product, who all have accounts in the enterprise’s SSO. But as far as auth0 is concerned, they don’t exist until the first login. My question is: given that we have a list of all these users, is there any way we can create those users ahead of time within auth0? So that we can begin enriching their profiles (e.g. editing app_metadata etc) before they sign in for the first time?

Another possibility I have thought of would be to create them in a Username-Password Database, and then have auth0 consolidate/merge (I forget what this process is called) the Username-Password-based account into their new SAML-based account. But if we did that, I’m not sure whether those users’ IDs would follow the same format as new SAML accounts (eg auth0|[SAMLConnection]|[email]), or if they’d be something else.

Open to any ideas! Thanks!

Hi @mfan,

Welcome to Auth0!

Have you looked at doing a bulk import?

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