User_metadata.recaptcha value is too long (max length: 500)

I’ve implemented recaptcha v3 with my web application by attaching the recaptcha token to the user_metadata on sign up and login flows. I then pick it up with a pre-registration hook and handle it from there. It was working for nearly a year and I just had a bug reported saying it isn’t working. I took a look into it and now it’s returning a 400 error code with the message: “user_metadata.recaptcha value is too long (max length: 500)”

Is there any way around this? I’m using a custom login page and auth0-js. I saw that version 9.14 added the ability to use recaptcha on the signup and login flows but I would have to upgrade to an enterprise account to turn on the bot protection.

Does anyone have any solutions that have worked for them? I would love to stick with recaptcha v3 because of how little it intrudes on the UX.

Hey @skyler.sorensen, Welcome to the Auth0 community!

this error is appearing because of the following limitation:

Metadata is allowed 10 strings with max 500 chars. May be you can breakdown the recaptcha into multiple strings?


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