User management adding permissions (Node SDK)

  • SDK : Node
  • SDK Version: auth0: 2.43

I might be over thinking this.

I’ve picked up a project that uses Auth0 and backend services for the creation and management of users. There is a single Auth0 account that has multiple Applications (including test, UAT and production, native and password-less)

Am I correct to understand that Auth0 will store a user with a unique email address and an appended permissions for the different apps?

Using the Management API via node NPM package auth:2.43 what endpoints or flow do I need to manage adding and removing permissions?

Thanks in advance

Hi @david.clare,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you have questions about using the Management API to add and remove permissions.

This is only true if you have configured a script to append these permissions programmatically to users (e.x Post Login Action script). For this scenario, I recommend reading our How do I assign Permissions to users? FAQ for more information.

You will need to call the Management API’s Assign Permissions to a User and Remove Permissions from a User endpoints to add and remove permissions accordingly.

I hope this helps!

Please reach out if you have any additional questions.


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