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User is prompted to re-login after a few minutes of inactivity


I’ve deployed a starter ASP.NET MVC 5 configured by Auth0 project to GoDaddy hosting and after a short amount of time I am prompted to re-login. Any help on this matter is highly appreciated.

I am new to Auth0, just in case the question seem stupid.


What is your SSO token timeout set to? Go to the top-right menu in the dashboard, click “Settings”, then “Advanced”, “Log In Session Management” values.


The “Log In Session Management” values are default.
Enable Seamless SSO : off
Inactivity timeout: 4320 minutes
Require login after: 10080 minutes


Hey @OnTheRise !

To begin with, there are no stupid questions no matter if you have 0, 5 or even more years of experience :slight_smile:

Have you followed all the steps from our quickstart once configuring it?

Can you let me know precisely when do you get this prompt? So you are logged in and then after some amount of time you simply get this prompt? It would be great if you can also provide me with a screenshot of the prompt. Thanks for clarification and looking forward to handling it!


Thanks for the info, but I’ve nerrowed down the problem to GoDadday’s shared hosting. I found the solution, althogh it feels like a hack, but I don’t think there is anything more could be done about it.
I had to modify web.config with the following entries:


Thanks @OnTheRise!

Glad you were able to track the issue!


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