User invitation link returns error 'this connection does not support signups (incompatible screen_hint)"

Problem statement

Currently, I have this setup in Auth0:

  • Azure AD connection is created
  • Connection associated with one of our Auth0 organizations
  • The auto membership is disabled

The end client application react code is as follows (@auth0/auth0-react lib version we are using is 1.8.0):

 screen_hint: 'signup',
 appState: {
  returnTo: `/${accountAlias}`,

Once a user attempts to login/signup via an invitation, the user gets this error from Auth0:
’ This connection does not support signups (incompatible screen_hint)"


This limitation with screen_hint=signup is present only with a subset of connections - namely Azure AD, ADFS, and AD/LDAP, although for a Database connection, Auth0 would usually show the signup prompt during an invitation even if the screen_hint=signup property is not passed.


Omitting the screen_hint=signup will navigate the user to signup in case of a database connection, and will skip signup for Azure AD connection, so they do not see the error message.